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We have said our goodbyes to Alan and Sheila in great style, we will miss them but must now move on.
As a Christian Church serving the whole community, it is impossible to please everybody. As in most villages, we are a mixture of elderly, middle-aged and young people. We all know what we expect from 'The Church', and all our expectations and what the Church means to us are different. We have tried to reach out to the community and keep a balance between `family friendly' services, and traditional services at St Albans.
Since we announced the appointment of a new Rector, there have been numerous questions and comments about individual concerns and expectations for the future. The two words which keep coming up are `Evangelical', apparently something to be dreaded, and `Happy Clappy' - even worse! It seems that these two expressions have become synonymous, which is way off the mark.
The definition from the Collins dictionary for EVANGELICAL is "of or following from the gospels", EVANGEL is "the gospel of Christianity", EVANGELISM is "the practice of spreading the Christian gospel' and EVANGELIST is "a preacher of the Christian gospel'. 'Happy Clappy' is the expression associated with an outgoing demonstrative, more flamboyant form of worship, favoured by many Christians of all ages. As Christians we are all Evangelical, but whether we are `Happy Clappy' or the more traditional, we should all be free to worship in our own way. No one but God knows how sincere we are, and what is in our hearts, no style of worship be it `high' or `low' should be despised or ridiculed.
With our new Rector, James Packman, we are confident that we will continue to grow together as a Christian presence in Frant, Eridge and Bells Yew Green.
Here's to the future!



St Alban's Frant Holy Trinity Eridge
7 09:15 All Age Worship 11:15 All Age Worship
18:30 Communion    
14 09:15 Parish Communion 11:15 Family Communion
21 08:00 Communion 11:15 Morning Prayer
  09:15 Family Worship    
28 09:15 Parish Communion 11:15 Parish Communion
18:30 Evensong
5 09:15 All Age Worship 08:00 Communion
18:30 Communion 11:15 All Age Worship
12 09:15 Parish Communion 11:15 Family Communion
19 08:00 Communion 11:15 Morning Prayer
  09:15 Family Worship    
26 09:15 Parish Communion 11:15 Parish Communion
  16:30 Evening Praise    


Worship at Bells Yew Green Chapel

Secretary: Mrs J Mepham 10892 750 547

Sunday services: 10:30 and 2nd and 4th Sundays at 14:00

Coffee mornings 1st Wednesday of the month at 10:30

Bible Study and Prayer: Thursdays 19:15

Regular Meetings:
Midweek Communion on the second Wednesday of each month  - 10:00 at St Alban’s
Altar Guild meets on the second Wednesday of each month following Holy Communion at 10:00
Mums, Toddlers & Babies meets every Tuesday, 10:00 - 11:30 in The Stables.  A warm welcome to all.
House Groups meet every Tuesday.  If you would like to join a house group. Please contact  The Rector.
Coffee Morning at The Stables every Wednesday, 10:30 - 12:00.   Come and enjoy fellowship together.
Frant Healing and Prayer Group meets on the last Monday of each month at 3.30pm  (Tel 750 239)
Prayer—we meet regularly for prayer on Thursday and Saturday mornings
‘Rock Solid ‘ (for the 10’s and over) meets every second and fourth Sunday, 09:15 in The Stables
Junior Church meets at 09:15 on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Sunday during term time