Since its installation in 1826 by Thwaites and Reed of London the villagers of Frant have been accurately and reliably informed of the time by the church clock.
ALAS NO MORE!!   The clock is in urgent need of major repairs, estimated at £4000.   The dial is now only held in place by the hands and timekeeping has become very erratic - dependent on the wind direction!
We are thus urgently seeking the help of all who dwell in Frant to enable us to fund those very  necessary and pressing repairs.
May we thank you in advance for your kind help.  All donations will be gratefully received (payable to St Alban’s PCC).   Please send these to Tony Pybus at Rose Cottage, High St, Frant.  Hopefully the repairs will enable the village to keep on time for another 180 years.

Friends of St Alban's Church

If you are willing to be a friend of St Alban's Church and assist either by organising or supporting fundraising events, or by giving a donation, please print this page, fill in the details and hand it to the Rector, one of the church wardens or a member of the congregation.

Or post it to: The Church Office. St Alban's Stables, Church Lane, Frant TN3 9DX

I / we would like to organise / help with a fundraising event.

I / we would like to support future fundraising events.

Please send me / us details of forthcoming events.






I / we enclose a donation of £ .................. to support St Alban's Church.

(Please make cheques payable to St Alban's Church, Frant.)