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Autumn Report

Well, the summer season is now over and most of the vegetables have now been harvested. We have had many successes and a few failures, most notably the cabbages being decimated by the dreaded white fly.
You would think that one could ease up this time of year but the beds need turning and manuring before the onion sets and garlic are planted. The carrot seeds have been sown under glass which will hopefully produce baby carrots for next spring. The Parish Council are going to undertake more tree/root clearing over the next few weeks to free up more space as another couple have expressed an interest. If anyone else feels like giving it a go please contact the Parish Clerk Phillipa Hewes on 01892 750 565 or e-mail.

Soft fruit, corn & carrots

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We are Gary and Sarah and have lived in Frant for 5 years now.  Last August we contacted the Parish Council to find out if there were any allotments in the area. Phillipa Hewes explained that there was
indeed land set aside for allotments but it had not been used for such in 20 years or more

Several phone calls/meetings later and the Parish Council had arranged for the land to be cleared. For anyone that is not sure the allotment land is behind the football pitch/huts.  Again we met with Phillipa and co and sorted a suitable sized plot, signed a basic contract and we now had ourselves an allotment



We are well and truly into the growing season and all the vegetables we have planted over the months are reaching for the skies.  After a cold wet spring "flaming June" has sparked everything into life.  We had to erect a wire fence to keep the abundant rabbit population out and we have added 2 more water butts to try and conserve water.  We have started pulling a potato plant each week which is keeping us supplied with new potatoes for the summer.   The garlic was growing well but succumbed to "garlic rust".
Also growing well are:-coriander ,basil, lettuce, radish, peppers, chillies, tomatoes, sweetcorn, cabbage, onions ,leeks, french beans, broad beans, rhubarb ,raspberries and carrots.

Hayley from the post office has now sorted herself an allotment.It is a daunting task but "little and often" is the key. We spent 6 months last year preparing the soil before we even thought of what to plant.

For anyone else in the village who is interested in an allotment contact the Parish Clerk Phillipa Hewes on 01892 750 565 or e-mail

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