Website Form
For inclusion here, fill in the form below or post a request to
Webmaster, Greenman Farm, Wadhurst, Sussex TN5 6LE

Payment details:

The cost for a text advertisement in the double asterisked categories will be £40 + VAT for 12 months inclusion on the site; this will provide a full screen of information, giving details of the business in question and relevant pictures; it can also include a direct link to your own website if you have one. The charge covers any changes you may want to make during the year

A page is also available for anyone wanting to advertise job vacancies - these will be displayed for 4 weeks for a charge of £10 + VAT. Text can be submitted to the webmaster in the same way as for advertisements

Entries in the For Sale and Wanted page are free - for items up to £1000 in value - and will remain displayed for 4 weeks unless notified for earlier removal; the charge for private sales items above £1000 and for trade sales will be 1% of the asking price

The Notice Board is available for notices of current events; entries will be displayed for a period of up to four weeks before the event and will be included free of charge for any non-commercial activity and for a charge of £10 for any commercial events - sales, Spring promotions, or anything else that might be of current local interest

Cheques should be made out to Greenman Enterprise and sent to Greenman Farm, Wadhurst, Sussex TN5 6LE