Sussex Downs and Weald Primary Care Trust

Minor injury or ailment?

Crowborough War Memorial Hospital

Treatment and advice are available at walk-in minor injuries units at;

Southview Road
Tel. 01892 603100
Open every day 08:00 - 20:00

The minor injuries units are staffed by specially trained nurses who can treat a wide range of minor injuries and ailments -from asthma, animal bites, cuts and bruises, minor burns, and insect stings to removing objects from eyes, ears and noses, changing wound care dressings and taking out stitches. You don't need an appointment. All patients are assessed on arrival. If an injury or ailment cannot be treated, referral to a GP or an A&E department is arranged.

Emergency contraception is also available at both units

Uckfield Community Hospital

Framfield Road Tel. 01825 769999 ext. 5062
Open every day 08:00 - 22:00