What's New on the Website
27 Jun Latest planning application
24 Jun Draft minutes of June Parish Council meeting and full July calendar of local events
19 Jun June calendar now includes events in neighbouring parishes - future calendars will follow the same form and will be displayed in the Parish each month in print. and latest planning applications
14 Jun Latest planning application
11 Jun Agenda for 18 June Council meeting
7 Jun South East Open Studios - details here
6 Jun Latest planning applications and Minutes of Jun2 Planning Cttee
4 Jun New bus and train times
3 Jun Broadwater Down Open Day details here
2 Jun Bells Yew Green Society update
29 May Latest planning application
27 May Draft minutes of May Parish Council meeting
22 May Latest planning application
15 May Latest planning application
14 May Physique Personal Fitness Training - get in trim for the summer!
12 May Agenda for 21 May Annual and Ordinary Council meeting
8 May Occupational Therapy Assistant vacancies at The Priory, TIcehurst and the latest newsletter from Frant CEPS
1 May 'August Gern and the Frant Church Organ' by Paul Barber - published today
30 Apr Minutes of Apr 28 Planning Cttee
22 Apr Draft minutes of April Parish Council meeting and latest planning applications
17 Apr Have all your wine needs delivered to your door - Wine Discoveries joins the site
11 Apr Latest planning applications
8 Apr A new report from ESCC Cllr Bob Tidy and next Parish Council agenda
29 Mar A local animal feeds and pet food supplier added
25 Mar Draft minutes of March Parish Council meeting
20 Mar Update on Broadwater Warren
17 Mar A new report from ESCC Cllr Bob Tidy and mobile library timetable from April
16 Mar An Easter event - not to be missed: Working Horse Trust Open Days - details here
14 Mar Latest planning application
9 Mar Latest planning application, agenda for 19 March Council meeting and reports from ESCC Cllr Bob Tidy; Buttons Barn and Best Beech Inn B&B added
28 Feb Latest planning applications
21 Feb Latest planning application
18 Feb Frant Pantomime & Dramatic Society's next production
14 Feb Details of Frant Memorial Hall - available for hire
11 Feb Agenda for 20 Feb Council meeting
7 Feb Latest planning applications
31 Jan Latest planning applications
22 Jan Frant CEPS newsletter and dates for calendars
20 Jan Minutes of 16 Jan Council meeting
17 Jan Latest planning application
9 Jan Agenda for 16 Jan Council meeting and Minutes of Jan 7 Planning Cttee
4 Jan Latest planning applications - includes Benhall Mill Road!!
2008 3 Jan Latest planning application
21 Dec Latest planning applications and minutes of December Parish Council meeting
14 Dec Latest planning applications and dates for next year's meetings; and Action in rural Sussex wants your views on access to local services
10 Dec Agenda for 12 December Council meeting
6 Dec Latest planning applications
26 Nov Minutes of November Parish Council meeting
18 Nov Minutes of Extraordinary November Parish Council meeting
12 Nov Agenda for 21 November Council meeting
9 Nov New contact details for the Frant Nursery School
6 Nov Agenda for 13 November Council meeting
31 Oct Minutes of Oct 29 Planning Cttee
26 Oct Latest planning applications
22 Oct Minutes of October Parish Council meeting
19 Oct Latest planning application and monthly calendars for 2008
12 Oct Latest planning applications and details of the Frant Music Hall in December
8 Oct New Mobile Library schedule
7 Oct Agenda for October Council meeting
3 Oct Minutes of Oct 1Planning Cttee
28 Sep Latest planning application
24 Sep Latest planning application and minutes of September Parish Council meeting
21 Sep Frant CEPS latest newsletter
18 Sep

Church Services for Sept and Oct, Clock Appeal, details of the Frant Music Festival, the history of the church organ, Parish Council news; BYG Society and Frant Memorial Hall news and Sept and Oct events; also Film on Friday programme

13 Sep Latest planning application
10 Sep Agenda for September Council meeting
6 Sep Minutes of September Planning Cttee
5 Sep Aerodance - in Frant and Bells Yew Green
4 Sep RSPB sessions at Broadwater Warren
3 Sep Latest planning applications - and keep yourself or your children fit with Aerodance
24 Aug Latest planning applications
17 Aug Latest planning applications, minutes of August Parish Council meeting and agenda for Planning and Extra-ordinary Council meeting on 3 Sep
14 Aug Frant Memorial Hall - new bookings secretary: Sarah Davies 01892 616 233.
8 Aug Latest planning application
6 Aug Latest planning applications and Agenda for August Council meeting
4 Aug Train/bus timetables until the end of August
3 Aug More on Broadwater Warren
31 Jul RSPB meeting on Broadwater Warren - tonight - details here
26 Jul Latest planning application
24 Jul Meeting on proposed housing development in Benhall Mill Road Thursday 26 July 14:00 - 17:00 at Frant Memorial Hall; Frant PC July draft minutes
23 Jul Working Horse Trust - 29 July - details here
20 Jul Latest newsletter from Frant CEPS
12 Jul Latest planning applications
10 Jul Village BBQ details
7 Jul Agenda for July Council meeting
5 jul Latest planning applications and minutes of July Planning Cttee
23 Jun Frant PC June draft minutes
21 Jun Latest planning application
14 Jun Latest planning applications
12 Jun 'A Servant to Two Masters' comes to Frant
11 Jun Agenda for June Council meeting
7 Jun Latest planning application and minutes of June Planning Cttee
31 May Latest planning applications
19 May Frant PC Annual & May draft minutes
18 May Information from the May Parish Plus added to pages on the website: events for May - Jun ; St Alban's Church; the Parish Council; Bells Yew Green Society, Eridge and Bells Yew Green Cricket Clubs, the Frant Music Festival, and the Eridge Fair. Also the Frant Open Gardens.
17 May List of Parish Councillors etc - May 2007 and latest planning applications
7 May Agenda for Annual and May Council meeting and ist of councillors
1 May Minutes of April Planning Cttee
29 Apr Details of Mayfield's musiconthemeadow07
26 Apr Latest planning applications
20 Apr Frant PC April draft minutes
18 Apr Consultation on the Frant Green play equipment - here
12 Apr GP details updated
11 Apr The Country Property Group can find you a home - or help you sell your house - and the ESCC Mobile Office dates are in the calendars
6 Apr Agenda for April Council meeting
5 Apr Mobile library timetable
29 Mar Latest planning application
26 Mar Frant PC March draft minutes
21 Mar Anyone know anything of the Piddlesdens or Packhams of Frant?
15 Mar Latest planning application
13 Mar Frant Parish Meeting minutes, minutes of March Planning Cttee and agenda for March 21 Council meeting
12 Mar Information from the March Parish Plus added to pages on the website: events for Mar - Apr ; St Alban's Church; the Parish Council; Bells Yew Green Society and the Frant Village Hall. Also the Sunspot concert and the Eridge Fair
25 Feb Frant PC February draft minutes
20 Feb Possible threat to the Postbus
15 Feb The latest planning applications and details of the next FPDS production
11 Feb 21 Feb Council agenda
8 Feb The latest planning applications
31 Jan Rock Robin Row - new houses convenient for Wadhurst Station
18 Jan Latest newsletter from Frant CEPS and Frant PC January draft minutes
11 Jan Information from the January Parish Plus added to pages on the website: events for Jan - Apr ; St Alban's Church; the Parish Council; Eridge and Frant Garden Clubs; the Eridge Evening Guild and Bells Yew Green Society; the latest on our trains; a page for the Folly Wildlife Trust and a plea from the Post Office [here and here].  Also the latest planning applications
2007 10 Jan Minutes of January Planning Cttee and 17 Jan Council agenda